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Accounting & Finance Department

Accounting & Finance Department

Undergraduate Program

The skills and knowledge acquired in our accounting program provides a content-rich and industry-ready education where technological preparedness, problem solving, and application is encouraged.

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Graduate Program

The Master of Accountancy program provides rigorous preparation at the graduate level for students to pass the CPA and CMA certification exams and achieve success in their chosen career path.

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Preparing For An Evolving Global Marketplace

Accounting is an excellent educational foundation, providing an increased number and variety of career opportunities. The discipline concentrates on the measurement of financial transactions in a business process. The accounting content acquired in the bachelor’s degree will provide the core business knowledge which is essential to career success and prepares interested students to attain advanced degrees. Careers in Accounting are competitive, diverse and are excellent portals for higher level corporate positions. An Accounting degree prepares students for careers in public accounting, taxation, corporate management, and consultation positions. Accounting courses focus on integrating the educational content with ‘real-world’ experience, relevant technology, application and practice.


The Udvar-Hazy School of Business offers a rigorous professional preparation in an environment which centers on the student as an individual. The top priority of the school is to facilitate the development of each student in becoming a viable contributor in the global workforce.

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Accounting & Finance Department

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